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the Academy for Virtual Teaching

The Academy for Virtual Teaching

Makers gotta make, Teachers gotta TEACH!

Who Are We?

The Academy for Virtual Teaching is a vibrant and supportive community of

Professional • Proficient • Profitable

Quilt, Craft, and Art Teachers 

We bring our offerings to a global audience through live and on-demand virtual workshops. 
The Academy provides its members with continual professional development, support, and training to improve our virtual teaching skills so that we can share the joy of making with our students.

Transform your passion into a profitable, sustainable, scalable business through virtual teaching.

AVT Membership Includes:

  • Professional Development: Access to free mini-courses like Virtual Teaching 101.
  • Monthly Discussion Topics: Discuss all aspects of your virtual teaching business.
  • Monthly Roundtables: Live zoom meetings to brainstorm solutions with your colleagues.
  • Monthly Guest Seminars: Learn from the experts in these live Zoom interviews + Q&A.
  • Discounted Class Listings: List your workshops on the public AVT class calendar. Members get a $10 credit each month.
  • Accountability Groups: Meet with peers and help each other achieve your goals.
  •  Practice Zoom Sessions:  Get better at live virtual workshops by practicing with your peers. 
  • Certification Program: Gain your AVT certification at a discount. Proof of your proficiency with virtual technology. 
  • Virtual Teaching Masterclass: Members get a discount on this live, intensive capstone course, designed to take you through every step of setting up an online course and business. Masterclass students may build their first course on the AVT platform.

Overcome your fear of technology, reach a global audience,
create a sustainable, profitable business!


“What has been most valuable to me is all the information on equipment. It is great that you encourage students to start with what they have and branch out from there. You provided a wealth of information on equipment from the very basic and inexpensive to the more advanced and costly equipment.”   AVT Teacher, April Sproule

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"I appreciate the thoughtfulness in the amount and wide-range of content in the AVT Masterclass. It's very robust! Pretty much every area and topic for building a virtual teaching business are covered and there is concrete information on what you need and tutorials on how to get it done." 

AVT Teacher, Kena Tangi-Dorsey



"I've learned that my fellow teachers are not my competitors and each one has a space of their own. And that when we lift each other, we all rise together."
AVT Teacher, Saba Asim

Here at the Academy, we work together to create a cadre of skilled professionals who bring our love of quilting to the VIRTUAL world. We grow our skills, grow our audience, grow our love for our students, and grow our income through scalable online offerings.
If you are an in-person quilt, craft, or art teacher (or aspire to be one) and want to build a global audience through online workshops, we invite you to join us! All are welcome and all are supported here at the Academy. We help and lift each other as colleagues, no matter our experience level, as we continually learn about the ever-changing technology that lets us bring our offerings to our students in their own homes.
Taking your in-person workshops into the virtual world can help you grow your income without adding to your workload, and leave you more time for actually making the things you love!

"I love the community. No one was worried about competition. Everyone was all in for helping and supporting each other."

AVT Teacher, Becky Campbell
Sew Forever Quilting


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Campus Culture

Welcome to the Academy! We are all colleagues. We are both student and professor, mentoring and supporting each other on a continual journey toward proficiency, profitability, and professionalism.
  • All are welcome and all are supported here at the Academy. We respect each other at all levels as professional colleagues and continually discover and openly share our knowledge with each other.
  • Our community is open, honest, safe, and trustworthy. We build each other up rather than compete. We strongly believe that a rising tide lifts all ships and we support each other's biggest, wildest, most wonderful dreams.
  • We love short polls and weekly questions. They only take a moment to answer but often spark some pretty interesting and thoughtful conversations that lead to better virtual teaching practices.
  • We never leave questions hanging, even if we don't know the answer. None of us are ever finished learning and we discover new ideas by bouncing ideas off of each other. We give as much as we get here at the Academy.
In other words, this is the BEST place for you as a virtual teacher to be!

The Academy is ever evolving.
Join us as we create this open, honest, safe, and trustworthy community.

We are an active community where teachers can safely learn from each other's experiences. We strongly believe that a rising tide lifts all ships and we support each other's biggest, boldest, most wonderful dreams.

The Monthly Academy for Virtual Teaching Membership includes:

The Commons (home)

  • General group discussions (a lot like Facebook without any of the weirdness)
  • Virtual member meetups and roundtable discussions held live via Zoom
  • Monthly special topic live seminars with experienced virtual teachers where members can "ask the pros anything"
  • Monthly theme discussions where we engage in thoughtful conversations that lead to better virtual teaching practices
  • Member spotlight articles featuring an up-and-coming virtual teacher
  • Polls, quick questions
  • Scheduled practice live teaching sessions among peers where valuable feedback is provided as teachers develop new courses and skills

Study Hall (groups)

  • One-on-one mentoring and accountability programs
  • Special interest groups by topic, such as the type of workshops members offer, or the specific on-demand course platform they use
  • Teaching topic interest groups
  • Online course platform groups

Library (topics)

  • We are building a resource library of product and platform reviews, specific to equipment used for online teaching

The AVT College (courses)

  • Virtual Teaching 101 mini-course: a pre-recorded seminar available on-demand (no cost)
  • Virtual Teaching Masterclass: a live, 8-week course for new virtual teachers, designed to help you through every step of the process and quickly launch you into the virtual teaching world. The capstone of the course includes the opportunity to teach real students who will give you feedback to improve your virtual teaching skills (additional fee, offered twice a year)

Certification Program

  • AVT Teacher Certification, providing accreditation and proof of proficiency (fee)
  • Designed to assure guilds that the virtual teacher they are hiring is proficient with live technology
  • Any teacher (member or not) can apply for certification
  • Adjudicator reviews website and audits your live class
  • Certification badge links back to web page that lists qualifications- use it anywhere
  • Quilt guilds are eager for this, as they want to be confident that the teacher they are hiring can provide the highest quality of virtual programing
  • Certified teachers get extra listing at Global Quilt Connection
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